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A Bunch Of Celebrities Just Voiced Support for Jennifer Aniston's Tabloid Criticism

By Variety
In an op-ed for the Huffington Post on Tuesday, Jennifer Aniston slammed the media for constantly circulating pregnancy rumors and engaging in body shaming. Her candid takedown of those practices in tabloids gained the support of many of her fellow…

Why Studios Fear Putting Gay Characters In Movies Like 'Star Wars' And 'The Avengers'

By Variety
If the "Star Wars" universe is really as expansive as Disney hoped it would be when it shelled out $4 billion to buy the rights to the Wookies, Ewoks, and droids that populate the far reaches of space, then at some point the Millennium Falcon should…

Here's A Review Of The Latest Star-Studded Holiday Film, 'Mother's Day'

By Variety
Like the glowing briefcase in “Pulp Fiction” or the final whispered words of “Lost in Translation,” the ill-fitting Anna Wintour wig worn by Julia Roberts in “Mother's Day” seems destined to enter the pantheon of great cinematic mysteries. Did some…

These Are The 36 Biggest Names At The White House Correspondents' Dinner

By Variety
On Saturday, Hollywood descends on Washington, DC, for the White House Correspondents' dinner — the one occasion where a Kardashian can rub elbows with a Cabinet member. It's otherwise (appropriately) known as Nerd Prom. Or the Oscars of Capitol…

How 'Scandal' And Other TV Shows Are Tackling The Abortion Issue Head-On

By Variety
TV loves to show characters hooking up. Steamy moments punctuate countless TV episodes, but the topics of contraception and abortion? Many shows would rather run for the hills than address them directly. Increasingly, though, there are exceptions,…