Vanessa Taylor


Vanessa Taylor is a writer based out of Philadelphia.

10 Black-Owned Clothing Brands To Support In Honor Of Kwanzaa Crawl

By Vanessa Taylor
What is Kwanzaa? Growing up, I always imagined it as a sort of black Christmas and I always felt cheated by the fact that my family didn’t celebrate it. I felt like I was the only black person who didn’t know what Kwanzaa meant, but as comedian and…

Fenty Beauty Held Up This Woman Who Thought Her Lips Were "Too Big" For Lipstick

By Vanessa Taylor
Ever since its official launch in early September, Fenty Beauty has dominated the makeup conversation. Rihanna’s latest enterprise has received praise for its commitment to diversity, going beyond token representation. Since launching a foundation…

Lena Waithe Is Right, Being A Woman Of Color In The LGBTIA Community Still Isn't Easy

By Vanessa Taylor
Sunday night at the 2017 Emmys, actor and writer Lena Waithe made an acceptance speech that struck a chord with the internet. She said, “Last, and certainly not least, to my LGBTQIA family, I see all of you. The things that make us different are our…

Why Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do' Failed At Being A Diss Track

By Vanessa Taylor
Last night, Taylor Swift debuted the video for her new single, “Look What You Made Me Do” at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. The video was released only 10 days after Taylor abruptly deleted everything from her social media to promote the new…

Why Your Call For Black Women To Lead The Anti-Racist Movement Isn't Helping

By Vanessa Taylor
This weekend, on Saturday, Aug. 12, white nationalists gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia for a “Unite the Right” march. Social media flooded with images of neo-Nazis marching through the streets, lit torches in hand. A picture of…