Valerie Lewis


After living in a cookie cutter suburb of Los Angeles, Valerie moved her way over the deathly 405 freeway to the Westside and now runs into Zac Efron every other Friday night at Yogurtland. She does not have a cocaine addiction, but is an avid fan of sports, grilled cheeses and a cool Guinness. She graduated from California State University, Northridge and is on a mission to complete here 30 by Thirty bucketlist. Follow her journey at or stalk her Instagram at @valerielewis and @the30bythirty

How Traveling Gives You The Opportunity To Meet Several Soul Mates

By Valerie Lewis
Most of us spend the first half of our lives searching for the one, the perfect match or the ultimate soul mate. And, with the divorce rates edging out successful marriages, it seems as if even when you think you have found your better half, you…

5 Reasons To Wear SPF Every Day, From Someone Who Learned The Hard Way

By Valerie Lewis
The “C” word is one you never expect to hear in reference to yourself, especially when you are at the dermatologist for teenage acne that decided to make an appearance in your late 20s. That is exactly what happened to me, and I was forced to learn…

3 Ways Volunteering For The Special Olympics Changed My Life

By Valerie Lewis
The Olympics have always had a special place in my heart. Going back to when I was a little kid, I would fill my house with VHS tapes that would record competitions on multiple television sets. I would collect newspaper clippings and magazines…

Why Every Millennial Should Start Saving For Retirement Now

By Valerie Lewis
Planning for retirement is something I never thought I would consider until well after I bought a house, took a perfect full-time job and had all the fun I intended to have in my 20s. It always seemed like the 401(k) or pension was just something…

What Single Girls Should Do On Valentine's Day Instead Of Being Miserable

By Valerie Lewis
Valentine’s Day or better yet, the official Hallmark holiday, has approached the masses. The majority of men hate this holiday, as they should. It is just an excuse for their significant others to demand they show how much they love them by spending…

Do Your Research, Ladies: Why Social Media Is The Best Screening Process For Potential Relationships

By Valerie Lewis
So, you successfully navigated the bar scene and scored yourself a hot date for the upcoming week. You casually exchange phone numbers and later, a few texts. But, the most important component of the spontaneous introduction is an online search. You…

5 Reasons To Keep The Female 'Bro' Out Of The Friend Zone

By Valerie Lewis
In a recent article, Jeremy Renner says his girlfriend is “masculine” and states that a “girly girl just doesn’t do it for him.” Hawkeye knows what’s up. He has confirmed what the ultimate guy’s girls, like myself, have known all along—we are the…