Valerie Downey


Recently got her bachelor's degree in Business and Economics, but finds herself when writing, creating music, having stimulating conversations (preferably while eating) and laughing uninhibitedly. Life’s too short to focus on one passion alone, don't ya think?

12 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Move In With Your Best Friend

By Valerie Downey
When I mentioned moving in with my best friend, there were mixed reactions by third parties. The biggest threat was the prospect of ruining our friendship because living together can cause tension. That's understandable, especially if you live…

Why You Should Ditch Your Friends In Europe And Study Abroad In Istanbul

By Valerie Downey
When people think of studying abroad, they consider the typical run-of-the-mill places. Many Americans dream of London, Paris or Rome. Many young Europeans dream of California, New York, Shanghai or Sydney.  This is all well and good, and these…

Natural: 10 Reasons Why You Should Date The Girl Who Goes Makeup-Free

By Valerie Downey
Makeup plays more of a role in our lives than we choose to believe (or dare to admit). From tribal villages to models on billboards, people have always placed an importance on decorating their faces and beautifying themselves, especially for…

6 Common Struggles Of Being A Classical Musician In Today's World

By Valerie Downey
I am a Millennial and enjoy all things Millennial. I love forward thinking, enjoy debating and pushing boundaries, modern music and the latest TV shows, but I'm also an avid classical musician. Although I didn't study it in school, I have always…

4 Major Differences Between Being Self-Confident And Being Conceited

By Valerie Downey
I am as attracted to someone who is self-confident, as I am repelled by conceited people. People often mix up these two personality types, when, in reality, they are polar opposites. But, why do people confuse the two? At the core of conceited…

Love Knows No Bounds: 5 Clashes Multicultural Couples Know To Be True

By Valerie Downey
Growing up in a cross-cultural home has led to many exciting and diverse experiences. It’s also given me the chance to witness first hand the struggles and joys that all parents face and the added ones of those who come from different cultures. My…