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A Full-Time Job: 8 Types Of Moms You'll Find In Singapore

By UnzippedTV
Ever since I became a mom, I've realized that every mother has a different style when it comes to parenting. Whether or not we agree with each other's ways of raising our children, one thing's for sure: We all share a great love for our children and…

12 Struggles Anyone Who Came From An All-Girls School Knows To Be True

By UnzippedTV
There's something about girls from all-girls schools; you can tell one when you see one. Even if we're from different schools, the things we used to do were all somewhat the same. Did you grow up in an all-girls school? If you did, here are 12…

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get A Full-Time Job Right After Graduating

By UnzippedTV
While I was in university, one of the questions I often struggled with was if I should do work I loved, or if I should work to make a living. I would ask my friends this question, and most of them prioritized practical things, like financial…

8 Calorie-Packed Foods You'll Find In Singapore's Hawker Centre

By UnzippedTV
It's cheap, yummy and super accessible: Hawker food has a special place in every Singaporean's heart. And that's why I'm sorry for dropping this bomb. Here's the thing: Some of our favourite hawker foods are LOADED with calories. Like, it will shock…

5 Ways To Friend Zone Someone Without Having To Reject Him

By UnzippedTV
Being in the friend zone is possibly one of the saddest things that can happen to anyone. But how do you tell a guy that you’re just not interested in having a romantic relationship with him without being rude? Well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s…

15 Forgotten Joys Of Neopets That Will Give You All The Feels

By UnzippedTV
Before the days of Candy Crush and Flappy Bird, there was good ol’ Neopets. Many of you probably remember countless days (and nights) spent glued to the computer playing games on Neopets. You spent your days racking up Neopoints and actually, now…

10 Things To Expect When Your SO Leaves For National Service

By UnzippedTV
Every young Singaporean couple dreads the two years of National Service (NS) men have to serve.  It’s one of those things that really puts your relationship to the test. You’ve probably heard tons of stories of people splitting up during these…

10 Things All People Who Speak Terrible Mandarin Can Identify With

By UnzippedTV
Some of us aren’t great when it comes to speaking Mandarin. We hesitate even to say that our Mandarin is okay. From being unable to say the simplest things like, “thanks for dinner,” to getting laughed at ALL the time for our incredibly broken…

12 Types Of Singaporean Girls You'll Find On Social Media

By UnzippedTV
The cyber world has become pretty interesting ever since social media took over the Internet. You find all kinds of people on social media: some we hate, some we adore and all of which, we stalk. If you've been active on social media long enough,…