Tyler Mitchell

I am a Barbadian- American writer and illustrator who is passionate about bringing higher levels of creativity to the world of digital media and journalism.

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I Tried Sliding Into A Guy's DMs And I Have No Regrets

Not every story is a success story. It was a Sunday afternoon in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The air was semi-fresh, and I probably consumed most of it due to huge inhales caused by so much laughter. I was having the most amazing time out with …
By Tyler Mitchell

10 Closet Tweaks That Will Make Getting Ready In The Morning Less Painful

Let's do an exercise. Close one eye (so you can still read, of course) and imagine the situation below: It's 7:30 pm, and you're putting on the finishing touches to complete your look for tonight's date. Hair? Great. Face? Great. Outfit? Incomplete. …
By Tyler Mitchell

If You Use Too Many Emojis With Your SO, It Might Just End Your Relationship

It's 2:02 am in Dubai, and I'm lying in bed while my loved ones and friends go about their daily lives on a pretty Saturday afternoon. Back home, it is 6:02 pm the day before. The eight-hour time difference can take a toll on these relationships. It'…
By Tyler Mitchell