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This generation's Hitch. I've been through every type of relationship and lived to talk about it. IG: king_ty_300

The Only 4 Things You Need To Know When Meeting Your Girlfriend's Dad

By Ty Mitchell
Meeting the parents for the first time is a milestone you reach when you take your relationship to the next level. For men, this is the "make it or break it" phase that can either set you over the top or keep you in a box. Usually, the mom is always…

It's Time For Every Guy To Own Up To The Fact We Drive Women 'Crazy'

By Ty Mitchell
If you get group of guys together, at least one of them will tell a story about a crazy ex. Going through your war story about your crazy ex is like a badge of honor to us. To go through that craziness and survive is amazing in and of itself, but…

I Don't Believe In Cheating, But I'd Never End My Marriage Because Of It

By Ty Mitchell
Could you be with someone after they cheated on you? For most people, this is the cardinal sin in a relationship. The number one thing people usually have zero tolerance for is cheating. So, why would anyone ever continue to be in a relationship…

Being A F*ckboy Actually Prepared Me For A Successful Marriage

By Ty Mitchell
The person who said people can change was a liar. No one fully changes who he or she is. People just adapt to their new situations. For example, if you were a world-class assassin who decided to give it all up to become a farmer, you'd still be a…

If You Do These 5 Things, You Might Be A Pushover In Your Relationship

By Ty Mitchell
"You're just too nice." These four words were uttered to me on two separate occasions, by two different women right before they broke up with me. In that moment, like any regular person, an abundance of emotions swarmed through my body. They…