Ty Baumanis


Ty Baumanis is a stand up comedian and comedian living in Los Angeles, CA. He is a graduate and former college hockey player at The University of Arizona. Ty was born in Cleveland, OH, and spent time in Michigan, Texas, and Arizona, before relocating to the West Coast.

6 Reasons Millennials Should Embrace The Inevitability Of Getting Old

By Ty Baumanis
We all have a fear of the unknown, especially when it comes to getting older. That’s why it makes sense we all miss our stress-free childhoods, when the only decision we had to make was what flavor Capri Sun we wanted, and whether or not we should…

The Spontaneous Life: 5 Reasons The Best Life Plan Is No Life Plan

By Ty Baumanis
People always talk about how they don’t want to end up working in an office or at a job they hate. The only problem with that statement is few people do anything about it. Maybe it’s because you’re afraid to take the risk; maybe you need to follow…

8 Reasons Arizona Is Hands Down The Best Place To Live

By Ty Baumanis
Welcome to The Grand Canyon State, where beautiful people congregate and the beginning stages of skin cancer are inevitable. Go ahead and cancel your fake-baking membership because there’s more than enough sun in Arizona to go around. No matter…

6 Ways Your Life Gets Significantly Worse After Your 21st Birthday

By Ty Baumanis
The countdown is over. Throw your fake ID in the shredder and kiss your parents’ liquor cabinet goodbye. Your underage drinking days are officially over. No more watching Netflix while your friends go to the bars and no more water with dinner.…

Stalker Status: 4 Levels Of Guys Being Creepy On Social Media

By Ty Baumanis
Now that it’s 2015, it’s nearly impossible to find someone who isn’t on social media. It may seem like we’re all in one giant alternative universe while online, but in reality, men and women are in two different worlds. Sure, girls creep around…

How The 4 Weeks Of Every College Kid's Winter Break Will Unfold

By Ty Baumanis
Now that we've all received B's in the classes we were “literally” going to fail, we can focus on winter break. Break always starts with feeling prepared to leave the impression on your old classmates that you’re on the path to success, but ends…