Tony Michaels


Tony is a full-time student studying psychology, and a full-time employee as a legal assistant at a law firm in Seattle. After exploring the arena of golf instruction for a few years in San Diego, he returned to his hometown of Seattle to further his education. He enjoys playing golf, hanging out with friends in the city, and pursuing his goals with running. Tony very much enjoys writing in a conversational and enjoyable tone to entertain his readers in hopes that they critically think about the piece.

Why Online Dating Is Just Another Gen-Y Quick Fix Solution

By Tony Michaels
Online dating is a relatively new way people are meeting one another and, of course, it provides certain benefits; as society pushes us to be our best selves at school and at work, finding the time to date can be really tough. Online dating is a…

What Is Your Definition Of Success? 8 Questions To Ask Yourself In 2014

By Tony Michaels
Oftentimes a person’s definition of success encapsulates ideas that were handed down to him or her, like family heirlooms. What we fail to realize is that success means something different for each person. Sure, people will foist their personal…

The Importance Of Learning To Unplug: Why You Shouldn't Let Technology Run Your Life

By Tony Michaels
We live in a society fueled by advanced technology and electronics, a society in which our faces are constantly glued to our devices. We numb our minds with music at ear-drum-bursting volumes rather than actively participating in the discourse of…

Does Having A High IQ Necessarily Result In Being More Successful?

By Tony Michaels
Intelligence is defined as the global capacity to think rationally, act purposefully, and deal effectively. Some people believe intelligence is measurable through a number earned on a test called the Intelligence Quotient, or IQ. It's a very…

Find Your Path: These 3 Key Factors Will Help You Discover What Career Is Best For You

By Tony Michaels
It's not difficult to find a nine to five job to keep the water running in your apartment. What is challenging, however, is finding a career that embodies who you are. Here are some things to consider during what can be a grueling journey. A…

Bouncing Back From Rock Bottom: Advice From Someone Who's Been There And Survived

By Tony Michaels
You feel powerless to what is happening in your life, and it feels like you'll never be back on top again. You're just along for the ride; things are happening to you, not for you. A victim is all you see yourself as, and you just want out of this…

The 3 Simple Ways To Make A Great First Impression

By Tony Michaels
Not obnoxious, but not under the radar either. You want to make a solid, memorable first impression. "Ryan? Hi I'm Tony. Nice to meet you." After a forced smile and a weak handshake, you've already forgotten their name. Sound familiar? Then keep…

How Running Changed My life (And How It Can Change Yours Too)

By Tony Michaels
Exercise hasn't always been a key element of my life. However, recently, it's become an empowering one for me. The way you see yourself is one of the most important factors in creating your happiness. In a world where appearance is of maximal…