Tiffany Tanner


Ohio-native turned Coloradan, sports fanatic, and legalization enthusiast.

I Refuse To Be Judged For Using The Study Drug I Was Prescribed

By Tiffany Tanner
Around the age of 11, I began to notice my academic performance slipping. While my peers were outgrowing their restless stage and excelling in class, I found it difficult to even read through a paragraph of my textbooks, let alone retain the…

5 Reasons You Need To Attend A Red Rocks Concert This Summer

By Tiffany Tanner
As an avid concert-goer since age 6, I've seen over 300 musicians and have been to incredible venues like The Fillmore in Detroit and the House of Blues in Cleveland and Boston. However, the venue in my own backyard that's trumped them all in terms…

3 Things To Remember If Your Family Is Disappointed By Your Elopement

By Tiffany Tanner
From the first time every girl sees family wedding photos, she dreams of the day she gets to have her own. White dresses, bridesmaids and displaying your love and commitment to one another is such a huge part of our culture, CNN quoted a $53.4…

6 Things You Need To Know If Medical Marijuana Becomes Legal In Your State

By Tiffany Tanner
Yesterday, the Ohio House of Representatives announced that it had approved House Bill 523, legalizing marijuana for use by patients with one of about 20 qualifying medical conditions. This bill follows a failed vote for the monopolization of both…

8 Things Military Wives Will Learn In Their First Year Of Marriage

By Tiffany Tanner
It takes a special kind of person to not only desire a relationship with someone serving in the military, but to also have the strength to maintain the relationship and continue to grow with his or her partner. Military relationships function on an…