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Men Fake Orgasms Just As Much As Women, According To Science

By Think Tank
Are you ready to have your mind blown? According to a recent study by the University of Quebec, men may in fact be faking orgasms just as much as women. In the study, researchers asked a sample of 230 men ages 18 to 29 on the platform Mechanical…

What Do Women Really Think About Men's Pubic Hair?

By Think Tank
If you're unsure what style of pubic hair your woman prefers you should watch this. Hannah Cranston and Francis Maxwell discuss what women prefer when it comes to men's pubic hair and what average grooming behavior is in the latest episode of…

This Video Perfectly Explains How To Catch Someone In A Cold, Hard Lie

By Think Tank
Ever wonder if someone is actually telling you the truth? Sure, we all fib here and there, and yeah, sometimes a little white lie is actually best thing (like telling your signifiant other, "No, honey, you don't look fat in those pants").  But what…

These Creepy Cakes Will Scare The Sweet Tooth Right Out Of You

By Think Tank
Are you trying to diet but are also totally in the mood for something sweet? Don't worry; we have the perfect cake for you. In this episode of ThinkTank, John and Hannah tell you all about Katherine Dey and her creepy-as-f*ck cakes. With her cakes,…

There's Now A Mattress That Shows If Your Partner Is Cheating In Real Time

By Think Tank
If you're wondering if your significant other is cheating, you can now check their mattress. Hannah Cranston and Jason Rubin discuss the "smarttress," a new mattress that detects and will warn you of any suspicious motion, in the video above. This…

Here Are 5 Bullsh*t Facts That Are Actually True

By Think Tank
The Internet is full of facts that most people are convinced are bullsh*t, but they're wrong about some of them. John Iadarola and Hannah Cranston from ThinkTank discuss five facts that, although sound ridiculous, are actually true. Can you smell…