Thai Nguyen

Thai is a contributing writer based in Brisbane, Australia — the land of giant spiders and kick-boxing kangaroos. You can follow his work at

Searching For Meaning: 8 Ways To Find What You're Looking For In Life

If there’s one search common across all cultures, it’s the search for a meaningful life — to be able to feel like who you are and what you do matters. The tough part is everyone has an opinion, and with so many options, clarity can be confusing. But,…
By Thai Nguyen

Big Brother: How Social Media Is Running And Ruining Our Lives

Are you wearing that shirt because you chose to wear it? Recent studies have shown that the average American spends 11 hours per day on digital devices. The mass exposure to media has alarmed researchers, highlighting the strong link between media in…
By Thai Nguyen

5 Big Insecurities Men Have That They Will Never Address Openly

Gritty. Bold. Brash. Yeah, that’s a man. Vulnerable, emotional, transparent? You won’t find those words in male vocabularies. They’re kryptonite and go against our male ideals. But male ideals are often unhealthy stereotypes, falling far from reality…
By Thai Nguyen