Te-Erika Patterson


Te-Erika Patterson is a multi-media journalist and blogger. She is the creator of The Rebuild Your Life Project and the publisher of My Savvy Sisters, the leading empowerment blog for women.

When You Know, You Know: 6 Signs You're Ready To Love Someone

By Te-Erika Patterson
You may say you're ready to love someone, but your actions speak louder than your words. Being ready for love isn't about creating an OkCupid profile or finally taking the time to shave your cha-cha carefully. It's not about clearing the space in…

How I Survived Moving To Los Angeles With Less Than $200

By Te-Erika Patterson
I'm a pretty daring and creative individual. Though I do have fears, I've turned my weaknesses into strengths as I fumble through life, and share how I've managed to survive so many of life's inconsistencies on my women's empowerment blog. What's…

8 Common Misconceptions Of Bisexuality That Need To Be Gone

By Te-Erika Patterson
People who identify as bisexual may seem twice as likely to be pursued by someone awesome, fall in love and live happily ever after, but in reality, it means twice as many mismatches to sift through in the dating game. Women and men can be equal…

8 Reason's Why A Woman's Wedding Day Is Her Greatest Fantasy

By Te-Erika Patterson
It is very rare to find a woman who hasn't watched "Cinderella" and dreamed about marrying her prince. By the time most women reach the age of 13, they have already planned out the details of their dream wedding. There are specific motivators that…

Why Exercise Is More About Self-Control Than Results

By Te-Erika Patterson
I know you have a craving — it’s not for brownies or Starbucks or even multiple orgasms. You are craving the ever elusive "AFTER" photo; the one that publicly brags that you were strong enough and smart enough to shed those extra pounds. Whether you…

10 Reasons Why Your New Year's Resolution Is To Be In A New Relationship

By Te-Erika Patterson
Whether you’re a homely, hopeless romantic or a stunningly handsome, psychopathic manipulator, at some point you’ve surely seen an elderly couple holding hands and you paused for a moment, wondering if one day that could be you. Don’t be ashamed…

How To Overcome Jealousy In Your Relationships Once And For All

By Te-Erika Patterson
You can try to count to ten. You can list out all of your blessings. You can pray and wish and believe in faith for your chance to shine. But what happens when all of those tactics don’t work? What happens when you see Michelle walking arm in arm…

Why Women Crave Drama

By Te-Erika Patterson
I’ll never forget the time I spent working the overnight shift as a waitress. All sorts of sordid characters wandered into my restaurant spilling their guts about the raunchy and reckless details of their lives. Early one morning, a woman walks in…

Wealthy Women Change Sex Partners As Often As Men Change Their Sheets

By Te-Erika Patterson
What is the perfect way to celebrate an outstanding career achievement? With  nice stiff one, of course. And no, I'm not talking about a drink. While the average woman toils over the question, “How soon should I have sex with him?” women who have…