Tara Bowlin


Tara is your typical twenty-something female who loves Bloody Mary's, watching Netflix, and excessively online shopping. Previously she has spent her time modeling and appearing on reality television but found her real passion in writing. She considers herself a modern feminist with a sense of humor and hopes to convey that through her writing.

The Underwoods From 'House Of Cards' Give Some Pretty Good Relationship Advice

By Tara Bowlin
My boyfriend and I are completely obsessed with “House of Cards.” Currently, we are still on the second season, and we watch every episode together. After watching a scene the other night with Frank and Claire Underwood, my boyfriend said, “See, we…

Confessions Of A Gen-Y Feminist: What It Actually Means To Be One

By Tara Bowlin
I have been keeping a secret, and it is time I come out with it: I am a feminist. Phew! There, I said it. That wasn’t so bad, right? Except for every time I mention it to someone I get mad side-eye. “So you want to like burn your bra or something?”…

How Girl Talk Can Ruin The Relationship Between A Girl's Boyfriend And Her Friends

By Tara Bowlin
I love my girlfriends and consider myself truly lucky to have so many awesome women in my life. Once a week, we get together and have wine night. Even now, in our 20s and 30s, the girl talk we usually end up having is centered around the discussion…

Why I Will Never Have A Career: The Dilemma Of An Individual With Interests Abound

By Tara Bowlin
“What do you want to be when you grow up, Tara?” When adults asked me this as a child, my answers would vary: “A ballerina!” “The President!” “A ventriloquist!” (That last was during a weird stage in my childhood.) Now, sitting around the dinner…

The Good And Bad Of Being A Girl Who Only Hangs With Guys

By Tara Bowlin
I have been blessed with having many girlfriends that are chill and not dramatic. Those types of female friends can be difficult to find though, which is probably why I used to be the girl with mostly guy friends. I have been a bit of a tomboy for…

#Flawless: Why We Need To Stop Shaming Confident Women

By Tara Bowlin
A few weeks ago, I posted a selfie on Instagram with the caption “I woke up like this” and the hashtag “flawless,” obviously quoting the lyrics to Beyoncé’s song “***Flawless.” If you've listened to that song, you will know that it is a pro-female…

Why Disney Shouldn't Have Plus Sized Princesses (But Should Conform To Normal Body Standards)

By Tara Bowlin
Recently I came across an article detailing how a young girl was petitioning Disney to create a plus size princess. I understood the girl's motives to want to help boost the self-esteem of plus size females and show boys that it is okay to date…

Kick Your Dramatic Relationship To The Curb, It's Not Worth It

By Tara Bowlin
We are a generation in love with pain. Or as Drake said, “We’re a generation of not being in love.” We obsess over depressing love songs and indie romance movies with sad endings. When we have serious struggles in a relationship, we often interpret…

Why Women Shouldn't Be Anti-Porn

By Tara Bowlin
It is 10 pm and I am turned on, which usually, wouldn’t be a problem. But, tonight it is because my boyfriend is bartending until 3 am. So, I grab my laptop and log on to one of my favorite porn sites — but I cannot help but to feel a smidge of…