Sydney McBride


Sydney McBride is a blogger, writer, and entrepreneur. After opening her first business at the age of 21, she is a huge advocate for encouraging young adults to believe in themselves and go after their dreams. Her Memoir, titled The Letters, is available for sale on For a daily dose of inspiration, visit

16 Things We Are Officially Leaving In 2016 Where They Belong

By Sydney McBride
If there's one thing that most of us agree on, it's that 2016 was a year unlike any other. From an unprecedented presidential election that divided our country to an Olympic Games that was US dominated with 43 gold medals, 2016 had plenty of highs…

7 Ways To Avoid Being The Most Annoying Person On Your Next Flight

By Sydney McBride
Stale, unwashed socks with a hint of gym sweat: That was the aroma I could smell as it started to take over the shared air before we even reached cruising altitude. I craned my neck back and forth, trying to identify the culprit. "Who would take…

30 Lessons You Learn In Your 20s, But Will Only Understand In Your 30s

By Sydney McBride
Thirty is a fascinating age. People who haven’t yet reached 30 talk about it with a sense of fear and wonder. “You’re getting old!” they joke. “Gotta do something big for your last fun birthday! The BIG three-O!” People who have passed the age of…

The 5 A's That Make Up The Anatomy Of A Great First Date

By Sydney McBride
Dating is such a double-edged sword. Some of us love it and some of us hate it. I have friends who are serial daters, and I have friends who date so selectively. It’s like an FBI background test to take them out. A first date is even more…

I Won't Grow Up: 4 Ways To Separate The Peter Pans From The Adults

By Sydney McBride
Growing up is hard. The upside, however, is the experience, knowledge and wisdom it is supposed to bring us. As we get older, it becomes much easier for us to define ourselves, the goals we have and the things we want. Right? The problem is there…

New Year's Resolution Remix: 15 Things To Stop Doing In 2015

By Sydney McBride
My favorite thing about the New Year is that it allows for a magical sense of renewal and a chance to start fresh. It is the day we resolve to leave the past behind and move forward. It is the day we fill ourselves up with courage and tell ourselves…

The 5 C's You Need To Run A Great, Successful Business

By Sydney McBride
So, you’re thinking of starting your own business? Well, first you need a vision in order to ensure long-term success. You need a great idea, money to execute your idea and even more time to invest in the execution and planning of your idea. In…

Why Our Society Failed Miserably When We Called Miss Indiana 'Normal'

By Sydney McBride
After watching the Miss USA pageant over the weekend, I was completely surprised at the media storm surrounding one contestant’s body. Even more surprising was the fact that the media was drawing attention and praising her for being the only…