Surabhi Surendra


MBA from Bradford University, UK. I gave up my Business Analyst job with MNC to settle down with family in serene islands of Andamans. I blog regularly at

5 Rules For Young Married Couples To Replace All That Outdated Advice

By Surabhi Surendra
When I got married at the age of 28, I thought of marriage as companionship -- similar to the relationships I had with friends but with the added luxury of living with my partner every day and sleeping next to him every night. I was ecstatic and…

I Spent Years Believing I Wasn't Pretty Because I Had A Dark Complexion

By Surabhi Surendra
Carefree, beautiful and flighty, that's me in the above photo. In this photo, I don't care how many shades lighter my skin is than the black color of my lustrous mane. I don't even bother about my skin shade anymore. I have had enough of it. That…

Paid With Love: Why Marriage Is The Most Rewarding Kind Of Work

By Surabhi Surendra
When Ben Affleck said marriage is "the best kind of work," I was moved by his words. I agreed with him. Two years later, Ben Affleck announced his divorce. I was moved again. I was upset one more marriage had ceased to work. It hurts me when I see…

3 Lessons I Learned From My Daughter When She Was Bedridden

By Surabhi Surendra
It was 1 am, and we were in a deep sleep. Suddenly, we heard a thud, followed by shrill crying. I knew at once it was my daughter. She had fallen down, and in just two minutes, my world was upside down. She had broken her thigh bone and experienced…

How I Found True Love In An Arranged Marriage

By Surabhi Surendra
Last week we celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. Ours was an arranged marriage, and I had not even seen his picture before saying yes to him. Sounds so backwards, eh?! I didn’t see his picture because I didn't care to see, as I was already…