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Wisconsin Man Is Banned From Every Library On Earth After Publicly Masturbating

A man from Racine, Wisconsin is banned from every public library on earth after getting pages stuck together one too many times by masturbating in public. Tyree S. Carter, 20, has been banned from “all the libraries on the face of the earth” after be…
By Stephen Willard

Study: It Takes The Average Man 88 Days To Say 'I Love You' While In A Relationship

Ah, the three little words that every girl is waiting to hear. Apparently, she has to wait three months before she gets to hear her boyfriend say "I love you." Surprisingly, men are faster when it comes to uttering the phrase, as women take an averag…
By Stephen Willard

Study: People Check Their Cell Phones Every Six Minutes, 150 Times A Day

While it seems as if people are constantly on their smartphones, it may not be so far from the truth, as new research suggests that people, on average, check their phones every six-and-a-half minutes. The study, commissioned by Nokia, found that the …
By Stephen Willard

How Your First Sexual Experience Affects Your Sex Life

Listen up, virgins, we have some crucial things to tell you that we wish we knew when we were in your position. According to new research, a person’s first sexual experience can set the tone for the rest of one’s sexual life. The study, led by Matthe…
By Stephen Willard

Coolest Teacher Ever Fired For Tweeting Twerk Photos, Calling Students Jail Bait And Smoking Weed

A 23-year-old high school math teacher in Aurora, Colorado has been suspended after it was revealed she was tweeting about smoking weed and posting pictures of herself twerking on a handstand in her panties. Carly McKinney, was a math teacher at Over…
By Stephen Willard

Study: Kind Acts From Men Now Make Women Suspicious Instead Of Thankful

Chivalry is officially dead, because committing a good deed will not put you in good standing with a woman, as she is more likely to be suspicious of you than thankful of your deed, a new study shows. Acts such as holding a door or being polite will …
By Stephen Willard