Stephanie Ironson


Stephanie Ironson the Senior Entertainment Editor at Elite Daily, where she oversees all of Elite Daily’s TV, movie, award season, music, and celebrity coverage. Stephanie has been at Elite Daily for 4 years; prior to her role as Senior Entertainment Editor, she was the TV & Movies Editor, Deputy Entertainment Editor, and an Associate Editor. Stephanie has worked as a correspondent on red carpets like the Golden Globes, The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, the MTV Video Music Awards, and various TV and movie premieres. When she’s not editing, writing, watching TV and movies for work, or watching TV and movies not for work, she’s busy wondering whether or not North West would want to be her friend.

Here's The One Quality Eris Baker Is Embracing From Her 'This Is Us' Character – EXCLUSIVE

By Stephanie Ironson
Eris Baker is wearing a lavender puffer jacket, silver boots, and rhinestoned jeans for her Elite Daily photo shoot. Her makeup is natural and her hair braids fall to the middle of her back. Stepping out of the elevator, Baker looks me in the eyes…