Stephanie Glass


Stephanie Glass is an unwavering optimist, and an avid traveler. She has confidence in herself and her abilities, and her goal in life is to share this confidence with others. Stephanie wants to someday run the world… literally. She started towards this goal before she even graduated high school, when she ran her first marathon. This taught Stephanie to chase every passion and dream to cross her mind.

3 Ways Your BFF Should Build You Up And Not Knock You Down

By Stephanie Glass
“You’re the Serena to my Blair” is pretty much the highest compliment you can give to a friend. Because, ladies, let’s be honest: Who doesn’t want a friendship like that of the iconic S and B? I think it’s time we reconsider this goal, however. When…

#AllLivesMatter: Why Generalizing People Is Gen-Y's Greatest Downfall

By Stephanie Glass
“I don’t worry about whether or not my family will make it through the week, or if one of the terrorist attacks or uprisings will leave them a causality of war, an act of unprecedented or unnecessary violence.” I wrote that in my journal on February…

The Basic B*tch Counterpart: 5 Qualities That Make A Bro Basic

By Stephanie Glass
As the temperature drops and the cold winter months roll in, 20-somethings everywhere prepare themselves for what is arguably the greatest season for all things basic. As ladies with perfectly highlighted hair and painted nails gear up for snow…

Adjusting To Our High-Speed World: 3 Ways To Make Yourself Useful In Today's Society

By Stephanie Glass
"High speed" is the new selling point in many of our advertisements. We want fast cars, fast food and, most importantly, fast Internet connection. We live with almost all the information we can manage, right at our fingertips. If we are hungry, we…

4 Reasons Why I'd Rather Be Free And Immature Than Grown Up And Responsible

By Stephanie Glass
It seems like we spend our entire lives wishing to grow up and when we finally do, we only wish to be children again. Many of us are at the point in our lives when we'd rather be free and immature than grown up and responsible. We would rather be…

Why College Is About Finding Yourself, Not Your Prince Charming

By Stephanie Glass
Why are you going to college? For your MRS Degree? A friend once asked me this, and while most girls may laugh at the comment, or even agree, I found it to be out of line for several reasons. Going off to college expands your mind and paves the way…