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10 Things Everyone Who Doesn't Feel Beautiful Should Know

By Stephanie Be
“She's just so pretty,” I heard my friend's confidence dwindling. She was threatened by a new girl who was hanging out with a guy she was seeing. It broke my heart. I cringed as I tried to come up with the right words to text back. For starters,…

7 Safety Tips For Single Women Who Want To Travel Solo Across The Globe

By Stephanie Be
I took my first solo trip when I was 19 years old. Since then, I've traveled solo to Europe, North, South and Central America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. I spent the past year traveling solo and meeting people through Instagram, and I've…

The 10 Categories Women Will Place You In After A First Date

By Stephanie Be
"Men place women into two categories: I would sleep with her, or I wouldn't sleep with her. Women place men on a ladder, and men move up and down that ladder." He was right. Flashback to 2012: There I was, new to Sydney, with a new friend of a…

7 Reasons My Heart Didn't Break After I Got Rejected By My Dream Guy

By Stephanie Be
I was essentially dumped by someone who wasn't even my boyfriend. We had totally hit it off. He loved me hard. I didn't sign up for it. I went with the current. But before I knew it, I was typhooned by Prince Charming. (Can we call him "Batman?" I'd…

5 Ways Hate Speech Against One Group Hurts Everyone

By Stephanie Be
Members of international governments mock our candidates. Internally, Americans joke about a Facebook “unfriend” for supporters of politicalized intolerance. The people of the US are as divided against each other as we would be for a football…

10 Reasons I Don't Believe In Being A B*tch To Get Guys To Like Me

By Stephanie Be
Somewhere between Hollywood movies and New York listicles, Millennials started to think kindness is a sign of weakness. Be a bad boy, get the broad. Be a bitch, get the guy. Meanwhile, I bought a one-way ticket and started meeting people around the…

It's Possible: 32 Jobs Millennials Can Hold While Traveling The World

By Stephanie Be
It's 2015, and like you, I've redefined the American Dream. When my parents immigrated to the US, they had one objective for their children: get an education and secure a prestigious career. I was supposed to become an attorney and marry a nice…

10 Reasons You Should Travel While You're Single

By Stephanie Be
With spring around the corner, travel season is upon us. With Valentine's Day long behind us, we need to escape from our self-loathing and embrace the idea of traveling abroad -- solo. And what better way to explore than with no nagging attachments…

The Best Travel Apps And Websites To Help You Plan Your Trip Abroad

By Stephanie Be
The fun in traveling is in planning your vacation… said no one ever. But, by planning and staying organized, you’re likely to reap the benefits of a less stressful travel experience. Check out the following problem-solving mobile apps and websites…