Sophie Winckel

Sophie Winckel is a contributing writer in Europe. She is finishing her last year in brand management and advertising in Spain while working in marketing for the jewelry company, Aristocrazy. She enjoys art, house music, & positive people.

10 Tips On How To Study Abroad The Right Way

We’ve all been inflicted by a case of wanderlust, a yearning to learn a new language or simply a desire to step out of our comfort zone. Perhaps your parents are not from where you were born, and you’d like to follow in their footsteps and also start…
By Sophie Winckel

Brand Profile: Zara

Zara is: Spanish, sophistication, style, strategic.  With a prominent international presence, this brand does not use any advertising techniques. No TV spots, no mascot celebrities, no top models, no billboards and no two page spread in Vogue. Sherpa…
By Sophie Winckel

The Art Of Networking

Letter writing, travel by train and sea, weeks if not months on end to receive a written response in the mail, Morse code, the Pony Express. Making business deals, conference calls and custom made professional profiles can all be done within a click …
By Sophie Winckel

The Yacht Week: The Endless Summer

You dreamed it, we’ve created it. At The Yacht Week, we believe in chasing the sun and keeping it within our reach, not just for one season, but year round. During the winter, spring and summer time, sailing trips around the world are made upon reque…
By Sophie Winckel