Sophie Cook


Sophie, known to friends as Phee, is a 22 year old born and bred in Berkshire, UK whose body and brain is currently travelling Indonesia and The Philippines. But, desires to located back in Sydney, Australia. An aspiring journalist about to begin her studies into dietetics. Phee is combatting the hurdles every girl faces between adolescence and womanhood. Enjoying life out of a suitcase, she is a bit of fitness freak and super smoothie fanatic. Founder of the, coming soon to a tropical beach near you, "Sophie's Smoothie Shack", you can usually find her stumbling across sublime scenic spots scribbing cryptic pieces of poetry or getting lost hiding behind a camera. Additionally to Elite Daily you can find Phee on the following; At her personal blog: How I Spend My Phee Time, or on Instagram and Twitter as: @sophie_acook.

87 Ways Men Never Fail To Irritate The Sh*t Out Of Women

By Sophie Cook
I was chatting to a girlfriend recently about men because, unfortunately, a fair share of the day in the life of an average woman is taken up by thinking of them. If we're single and window shopping, we're delighted we're able to check out every…

Why Returning From Travel Is Harder Than Leaving The Comfort Of Home

By Sophie Cook
If you look up the definition of "travel" in the dictionary, it will explain it to be the process of going from one place to another. While traveling, you're thrown into a mixture of cultures and forced to experience a variety of social…

For Anyone Who Has Ever Suffered The Pain Of A Broken Heart: There Is Hope

By Sophie Cook
Take yourself back to when you were 16. You were a completely different person than you are today, right? As we grow up, we grow out of bands, bedrooms, haircuts, friendship and, more often than not, relationships. What we felt as heartbreak back…

A Letter To Every Guy I've Never Texted Back: Here's The Cold Hard Truth

By Sophie Cook
It seems like only yesterday, women would wait by their phones for hours on end after meeting a guy, wondering why he hadn't yet called. However, the tides have turned and it's become increasingly popular for the players to be played by the…

12 Reasons Why Jumping Into The Complete Unknown Is The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

By Sophie Cook
I've always been someone who is ready for change. I have packed up and moved with less than a week's notice two times in my life. Leaving with little time on my hands to prepare for something so life-changing reduced associated fear, anticipation…

24 Ways You Know Your Best Friend Is Really Your Best Friend Forever

By Sophie Cook
I often wonder how many girls I have referred to as my "best friend" over the years. As you transition from elementary school to junior high and then to high school, so does the BFF linking your arm. Yet, with each newfound bond, you still find…

12 Kinds Of People That Always Seem To Ruin Your Entire Trip On Public Transportation

By Sophie Cook
Every day, millions of us across the world subject ourselves to the uncomfortable reality of public transportation. Regardless of why you’re on board, you’re bound to come across at least one of the following passengers or pests, as they're more…