Sophia Anna


Sophia Anna writes in summer, in her lingerie, on the beach, even in her sleep and when she's not madly typing away about life, love and all the controversies in between, shes lives on the coast and works as a hairdresser. You can find more of her other work at

Building Castles In The Sky: Why Daydreaming Is Actually Good For You

By Sophia Anna
Freud had it right when he stated that "men and women cannot subsist on the scanty satisfaction which they extort from reality." He believed that our tendency to daydream in our everyday lives was a tool derived from our basic pleasure…

Is Boss Another Word For Friend? Why You Should Get Along With Those You Work With

By Sophia Anna
On average, we spend 38 hours a week with the same person. This is the person who sees us looking pristine at the beginning of each day and wiping the sweat beads off our neck come five o'clock. He or she has most likely seen you laugh, cry and have…

No Rules, No Regrets: Why There's No Blueprint To Falling In Love

By Sophia Anna
Love: It’s that illusive little word, dissected time and time again, and then conveniently shoved into the four corners of a very stereotypical little box. Despite the fact that we are habit-forming creatures, life is unpredictable. We’re spinning…

Life Is About Affirmation: 7 Things We Should Learn To Say 'Yes' To More Often

By Sophia Anna
Recently, I sat all alone in my favorite café enjoying a glass of white wine, surrounded by the glow of newlywed couples and bustling families. I had my consciousness absorbed in my phone, and when I looked up, I was greeted by a cute, blonde waiter…

Get Out While You Can: 5 Ways To Tell If You're Dating A Narcissist

By Sophia Anna
I once dated someone -- let's call him Randy -- who spent more time in the shower fixing his hair and shaving than I did. I also ate more than him, which was kind of annoying. While I did admire the fact that Randy always smelled like Paco Rabanne…