Sofia Mobili


Sofia. Not ‘Sofi’ or ‘Sof’ as she'll guess you named your pet. Besides being an avid penguin enthusiast, she writes about sentimental nonsense and all things uncomfortable. She has a maddening tendency to 'vomit’ all her thoughts, all over the page; almost every thought of hers needs a sub-thought. Yet not many people can translate feelings to words thoroughly & with virtue - Even if it does require keeping a hefty brown bag & Advil in arms reach. Follow her frenzies on Thought Catalog, Elite Daily & her personal blog:

Don't Be A Hypocrite: 4 Pieces Of Advice You Give, But Don't Take

By Sofia Mobili
Often you have that one friend who approaches you, in need of direction or advice when dealing with life's lemons — relationships and just day-to-day difficult situations. You feel entitled and notable because your friend was drawn to you in times…

Ain't That The Truth: You Don't Know What You Have 'Til It's Gone

By Sofia Mobili
It is a difficult era in which to know anything with any certainty. In these youthful days of glory, we become reluctant to commit to anything due to the predisposed notion that something or someone better may come along. There may be some validity…

The Next Big Step: What You Need To Consider Before Moving In With Your Partner

By Sofia Mobili
Making the decision of living with anyone that you're not required to cope with (aka parentals, sorry mom) is usually a rather precarious situation. I'm sure the idea of moving in with your best friend may have sounded like the perfectly carved…

#NoFeelings: Why It's Easier To Ignore Love Than Deal With It

By Sofia Mobili
Warning: I'm about to get in touch with my inner hopeless romantic (more like outer), and discuss the one thing that the 21st century hates to admit and feel: love. More and more, I've noticed society has become rather nonchalant and dismissive of…

In Defense Of The Pit Bull: Why We Should Stop Blaming Dogs For Their Owners' Mistakes

By Sofia Mobili
This isn’t a politically driven article about why specific breed bans are still in place. This isn’t a debate or an argument. This is simply a cry for justice. Pit Bulls. Pits. Violent. Terrifying. Beasts. Monsters. Killers. These are just a slew of…

How To Navigate The Potentially Awkward Aftermath Of Sex

By Sofia Mobili
Sex. The word alone emits passion, intimacy, romanticism and an overpowering sensation. But mostly, it’s full of just plain ‘ole awkwardness. It has occurred to me that although sex is one of the most natural acts of the human species — or any…

The Importance Of Realizing The Power Of Positive Thinking

By Sofia Mobili
It is a common belief that positive thinking and acting can lead to a happier, healthier life. Some people even believe that small gestures (such as conjoining your upper teeth and lower teeth with a stretch of the cheeks) can make our thoughts…