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Who is Slater? I am a developing shopaholic; tourist-a-phobic New Yorker; self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur; an early bird; a proud nerd; an impulsive pundit; and a fashion maven. Don't check out my website,

Why Celibacy Before Commitment Is Rare In Today's Hook-Up Culture

By Slater Katz
Dating is a game, a multiplayer one, with unwritten rules and regulations that generational norms impose. Men and women alike are inspired to follow these rules in order to achieve an equal and opposite partnership. The game only involves safely…

Ladies, Perfection Is A Myth — And It's Not What Men Want

By Slater Katz
Who is the ideal woman? She’s a pristinely groomed, doe-eyed fox with unrelenting class illuminating through her faultless exterior and mile-long legs. She bakes crisp apple pie and sings mellifluous tunes as she lathers her silky, frizz-resistant…

You Can't Stop Swiping: The Real Reason Why You're Addicted To Tinder

By Slater Katz
It starts out as good fun to laugh about with your pals, just like Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco did, only without the Tinder “brown lightning” van. It’s a joke made up of punchlines that push the boundaries of acceptable dating plays. However, when…

Why This Generation Of Women Will Never Be Able To Find Their Noah Calhoun

By Slater Katz
For a decade now, women of all ages have swooned over Noah Calhoun’s sly smirk and raw, sincere ability to appreciate and submit to the concept of love. Back in our grade school days, Noah’s uninhibited devotion to Allie Hamilton transformed teenage…

Why Anna Wintour Is Queen And A Role Model For Millennial Women

By Slater Katz
The fashion industry is a world of its own. A world of patent leather trims and peter pan collars, topped off by SJP’s awe-inspiring shoe collection. Of course, every world has a ruler, and the god-like Anna Wintour is the undeniable elected…

Why Girls In The Fashion Industry Will Never Get Married

By Slater Katz
The fashion industry opens its crystal, glass doors to the prettiest Barbie doll women, carrying Birkins and wearing Burberry. The frizz-less, golden locks and ballerina bodies of women in the fashion industry are magnetizing, even jaw dropping, to…

The 7 Types Of People You Meet At A Coffee Shop

By Slater Katz
Whether your preference be an overpriced, soy, mocha latte from the coffee conglomerate advertised as “one on every corner,” or a $1.00 cup of joe from Sue and Jerry's corner store, every coffee shop houses the same seven dwarfs. My extensive quest…