Skyler Fulton


Skyler Fulton is a Comedy filmmaker and writer. He earned his degree in Screen Arts and Cultures from the University of Michigan. Since then, he has been in New York City filming people doing weird things because the internet.

Millennials Face Quarter-Life Crises By Simulating Their Own Funerals (Video)

By Skyler Fulton
Oh, you’re in your mid-20s? What’s it like to be a quarter dead? It’s hard enough for us, as the generation of multi-tasters, to think too far ahead of what is immediately in front of us -- let alone the rest of our lives. We asked people to reflect…

This Video Shows How Far People Will Go To Avoid Paying NYC Rent

By Skyler Fulton
All of us New Yorkers have those friends who live so far from Manhattan it's basically a different country. It takes them forever to get to and from work every day. They deal with problems that aren't supposed to be characteristic of New York City,…

'Millennials Of New York' Video Perfectly Parodies Online Dating Hardships

By Skyler Fulton
It seems like every day I'm being added on Facebook and Instagram by half-naked lingerie models named Tami who have only three to six pictures and fewer than 50 friends. As tempted as I am to just send Tami my credit card information or schedule a…

This Guy Walked Around Pretending To Be A Jockey At The Belmont Stakes

By Skyler Fulton
About a year ago, we sent a really tall guy to the NBA draft to see if people would believe he just got drafted. It worked well enough that LeBron James is making a movie about it -- but that's a different story for another time. On Saturday, we…

This Is What The NYC Snapchat Story Would Look Like If It Was Honest (Video)

By Skyler Fulton
Snapchat puts together "stories" for major cities that consist of assorted snaps from users in one area to portray an unfiltered, real-life glimpse of life in that place… so why do they all look like they were produced by ABC Family? What if…

Comedian Dresses Up As Peter Pan And Walks Around Amusement Park (Video)

By Skyler Fulton
For many of us, our fondest childhood memories include meeting our favorite cartoon characters at theme parks. As we've gotten older, however, we've all thought to ourselves: "Wait... that was just someone who worked at the park dressed as Winnie…

Shaq Goes Through TomorrowWorld Boot Camp With The Chainsmokers (Video)

By Skyler Fulton
TV personality, actor, police officer, rapper, entrepreneur and (oh, that's right) future NBA Hall Of Famer Shaquille O'Neal has taken to a new endeavor: becoming a trap DJ. Shaqdaddy will debut his new skills at TomorrowWorld in Atlanta from…

Former College Roommates Fail Miserably At Playing College Drinking Games (Video)

By Skyler Fulton
Drinking gets harder and hangovers get worse as you get older. It's scientific, probably. I don't even need to fact-check that; I've lived it. But just in case you don't believe me, we got former college roommates together and got them back in…

Grandpas Hilariously Tell Their Favorite Offensive Jokes (Video)

By Skyler Fulton
Grandpas are the wisest, most venerated members of society, and that makes it extra funny when they make off-color jokes. If you have a cool and/or demented grandpa, you know the brand of long-winded, anticlimactic jokes old men love to tell. The…

Guy Gets His Palm Read By A Dozen NYC Psychics To Prove They're Full Of Sh*t (Video)

By Skyler Fulton
I have never understood how so many psychic storefronts can survive in Manhattan. Are they legitimate at all, or are people just eager to pay cash under the table to strangers in exchange for comforting lies? Psychics are generally very vague about…

What iPhone 6 Commercials Would Really Look Like If They Were Honest (Video)

By Skyler Fulton
Apple's newest campaign features stunning iPhone 6 videos shot by real people like you and me! The only thing is, these gorgeous videos look nothing like the videos I have on my iPhone 6... I just have footage of drunk couples fighting on the train…

What Happens When You Watch Netflix Without Your Boyfriend (Video)

By Skyler Fulton
For our generation, the phrase, “If you really love me, you'll wait,” is solely used in reference to online streaming services. Before Netflix, watching a television series as a couple was a bonding experience. Now, it's really just a measurement of…