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Hopelessly searching for a place that she will permanently call home, Sina currently resides in Cairo where she writes, cries, smiles and blogs at

What It's Like To Make Sense Of The Attacks, As Told By A Brussels Resident

By Sina Stieding
Have you ever seen yourself or somebody you know on TV? The strange feeling of seeing something familiar through an unfamiliar lens usually evokes positive sensations from within our bodies. Being able to point to a TV and say, "I have been there,"…

Egypt's Arrest Of Journalist Reflects Lack Of Respect For Human Rights

By Sina Stieding
While Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the president of Egypt, was visiting the United Kingdom and attending awkward meetings with David Cameron, some of his fellow Egyptians were having much bigger problems than trying to impress European leaders. It seems…

What I Learned After Traveling To Macedonia To Help European Refugees

By Sina Stieding
With the European refugee crisis being discussed all across the world through broadcast news, social media and everyday conversation, I wanted to do something other than speaking and writing about the situation. With a backpack much bigger than the…

3 Reasons Moving On Before You're Ready Won't Work In Your Favor

By Sina Stieding
"If one door closes, another will open," they say. This short but simple sentence is supposed to make us believe that with every end, there’s a new beginning. We've all heard this phrase, usually just after we've been dumped or lost a job. In these…

What 'The Bachelorette' Finale Would Look Like In The Middle East

By Sina Stieding
Last night, another glorious season of "The Bachelorette" came to an end. Kaitlyn Bristowe is engaged, and it seems her Prince Charming, Shawn Booth, is still willing to marry her. I watched these adorable TV moments, recorded thousands of miles…

#IAmCait: Why Caitlyn Jenner's "Coming-Of-Age" Is Important for All Of Us

By Sina Stieding
While the world discussed whether Caitlyn Jenner deserved to be called a hero or not, I decided to watch "I Am Cait" with a minimal amount of expectation and prejudice. Being an LGBTQ advocate, I didn’t have to worry about being shocked by what I'd…

All Women Matter: What It's Like For A Foreign Female Living In Egypt

By Sina Stieding
The past 10 months of my life have been the most challenging ones so far. I know, I know, the quarter-life crisis is never easy! But it’s not the reality of being a 20-something in search for a purpose in life, or the horrific dating landscape, that…

5 Ways All Of Us, Religious Or Not, Can Learn From The Month Of Ramadan

By Sina Stieding
When the sun set on June 17, 2015, the Muslim world embarked on the Holy Month of Ramadan, an annual month of fasting and spiritual cleansing that an estimated 1.6 billion Muslims practice all over the world. Between dawn and sunset, fasting Muslims…