Sierra Vandervort


Sierra is a proud journalism major from Indiana University. She dreams of rainy Manhattan nights and joining the Peace Corps. Her muses in life include coffee, music festivals and women's rugby. You can see more of her work on, or follow her on Instagram @svanderly

Miley Cyrus' New Album Breaks All The Rules And It's A Beautiful Mess

By Sierra Vandervort
From celeb beefs and nip slips to presidential announcements and eyeball bikini tops, the 2015 VMAs were just eventful enough to keep social media buzzing. One of the bigger announcements from the August 30th show was the release of host Miley…

Missed Coachella? Here Are 5 More Music Festivals You Can Rage At This Summer

By Sierra Vandervort
Happy Festival Season! If you didn't make it to Coachella this past weekend, then you're probably all too aware of it. The FOMO is strong. With performances from AC/DC, alt-J, Hozier and Kaskade, Coachella kicked off festival season with a bang. For…

Why Indiana's New Law Is A Flawed Representation Of Its Residents

By Sierra Vandervort
I don’t think Indiana has gotten this much publicity since, well, ever. As much as I love my home state, there’s little chance anyone comes here unless they’re looking for vast supplies of corn or the Indy 500. Lately, however, my Hoosier home has…

5 Netflix Documentaries To Watch In 2015 To Become A Better You

By Sierra Vandervort
It’s resolution season, again. While I’m a firm believer in people working year-round to better themselves, a calendar turnover seems like a major source of inspiration for many. If you’re looking for some more “new year, new me” inspiration,…

Girls Get Friend-Zoned, Too: 5 Signs You've Been Put In The Bro Zone

By Sierra Vandervort
We’ve all heard of the friend zone; it’s the frozen tundra of the social world where men unite in their inability to get laid. As females, we love the friend zone. It’s just the right amount of male companionship without the feeling of restraint or…

The Science Behind 'Good Vibes' And 5 Ways To Draw More Of It Into Your Life

By Sierra Vandervort
Good vibes: It’s the Woodstock generation's mantra that has been passed down to the festival junkies of the 21st century. It may seem like a bunch of hippie hullabaloo, but what if the concept of good vibes could actually change your life? No, you…

How My College Teammates Turned Into My Family For Life

By Sierra Vandervort
They say that college is the best four years of your life; it's where you’ll meet your maid of honor, your best man or your future cul-de-sac neighbors. Well, I don’t know who they are, but unless they’ve met my rugby teammates, they have no idea…

Yes, We Love EDM And No, We're Not All On Drugs

By Sierra Vandervort
As much as Andy Samberg and "SNL" like to make fun of it, the EDM scene is growing rapidly in America. Festival junkies and bass heads alike are uniting to celebrate this revolutionary genre of music. But as popular as it has become, electronic…