Shirley Ko


Shirley is a contributing writer based in Switzerland. She graduated from UBC in 2013 with a degree in political science and is currently completing her MBA degree. There's nothing that Shirley loves more than good wine and good company, except for good food. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @shirleyko or you can find her figuring out adult life (unsuccessfully) at

Succumb To Vulnerability: How Accepting Fear Is The Only True Failure In Life

By Shirley Ko
Entering uncharted territory always sparks fear, and only those willing to brave the terrain will ever get the chance to breathe in the view at the top. However, the path ahead is no walk in the park. Some would rather walk away because the prospect…

A Message To Recent Grads, From Someone Who's Already In The Real World

By Shirley Ko
Graduation was like a warm welcome to adulthood. You were given mortarboards and gowns that, for a second, made you feel like royalty for achieving something. Some guest gave a speech that probably made you feel like the world was your oyster. And…

The Vice Of Loving The Wrong Man: How Your Addictions To Cigarettes And Assh*les Are The Same

By Shirley Ko
We are all guilty of finding pleasure in the wrong things; it’s what humans do. For much of my life, it's been the standard cigarettes and alcohol. These vices show how easily we’re lead to feel guilty for seeking pleasure in something, but also,…

Life Doesn’t Wait For You To Get In The Mood: Why You Shouldn’t Either

By Shirley Ko
As a 22-year-old, I don’t profess to know everything, but what I do know is that life is about getting started. It is a series of first steps — which require a great deal of effort — that one must take. Perhaps your fear of other peoples’ opinions…

Why It's Okay Not To Know What You Want To Do For The Rest Of Your Life

By Shirley Ko
One commonality amongst most of us 20-somethings is that we have no idea what we want to do for the rest of our lives — not the damnedest clue. If you asked 10 of us what we aspire to be, eight of us would probably start rambling nonsense,…