Shelley-Marie Phillips


Shelley is a contributing writer based in Cardiff, United Kingdom. She graduated from Swansea University in 2012 with a degree in Media Studies. She enjoys telling stories on her blog, consuming toffee nut lattes, and playing with chubby puppies.

We're Not Going Anywhere: Why Some Employers Find Millennials Disposable

By Shelley-Marie Phillips
I'm sure some people go their entire lives without being fired, but the majority of us have been terminated at some point or another. And whether we deserved it or not is a different question. As Millennials, we care about our personal brands and…

How Can We Embrace Individuality If We Don't Stop Judging Each Other?

By Shelley-Marie Phillips
Millennials, as a general rule, are less judgmental than our predecessors. We are often lost but sometimes found. We are explorers and romantics. We are old-soul daydreams and moments of new-age digital wizardry. Yet somehow, someone, somewhere…

Forget The Ghosts Of Halloween, We're All Afraid Of The World We Live In

By Shelley-Marie Phillips
Trick or treat? You've already met this year's greatest monster and our greatest fear. We're all afraid of the world in which we exist, and sometimes, we don't even understand why. At one point, the world felt like it plateaued, at least to me. I…

Millennials Are Working For Next To Nothing, Playing Down Their Abilities For Any Bit Of Experience

By Shelley-Marie Phillips
We’ve all given something away: half a sandwich to our friends, a generous tip to a hardworking, disheveled waitress or loose change to a homeless man with sad, lonely eyes. Sure, some things we should offer and expect nothing in return, but there…

The Ugly Truth About Slut Shaming: How We Can Redefine The Bond Between Women

By Shelley-Marie Phillips
“Slut.” It sounds blunt and unforgiving for a reason. It is possibly one of the vaguest insults and its definition is inconsistent. It is different for you, different for the person next to you, and it is different for me. But why should we even…

You Control Your Happiness: Why You Shouldn't Wait Any Longer To Quit Your Job

By Shelley-Marie Phillips
So you hate your job? It really isn't that complicated. You are presented with two very simple and obvious choices: 1) You can suck it up, or 2) You can leave. I used to juggle the idea of the latter option around in my head, but I had a myriad of…

Why 20-Somethings All Suffer From The Peter Pan Complex

By Shelley-Marie Phillips
Do you ever wish you could prolong your youth and return to the warm safety net of childhood? Childhood was a dreamy and quixotic time when the hardest part of our day was trying to tie our shoelaces into perfect loops. For those who suffer from…