Sheena Reyes


Australian actress, writer and filmmaker. Insta: @sheenareyes Snapchat: SheRey

How Our Dating Culture Is Encouraging People To Have Someone On The Side

By Sheena Reyes
Our dating culture has become transient. People come and go as they please. No attachments. Swipe left, left, left... then maybe swipe right, I guess. With social media, online dating and dating apps, you can find a date really easily. But let's…

How Going Vegan Made Me A Happier, More Confident Version Of Myself

By Sheena Reyes
I was once vegan for three years, and I highly recommend it. It doesn't matter how long you choose to transition to a vegan diet: It's something you need to try at least once in your life... even if it's just for a week. Transitioning over to a…

7 Things Every Guy Must Do To Avoid Getting Friend-Zoned, According To A Woman

By Sheena Reyes
Women have a bad reputation of friend-zoning men who want more. I am going to be straight with you. We do tend to put guys there, but only if they send certain signals. The trick is sending all the signs that this is not a friendly relationship, but…

7 Indoor Activities That Will Make You Feel Less Guilty About Staying In

By Sheena Reyes
#FOMO definitely still exists. Why? Because we're only young once, we only live once and one day, we'll be old and grey, so we should just do all the fun things now. I totally get it. Being out with your friends and socializing is probably the…

7 Simple, Painless Things You Can Do To Feel Happier And More Focused

By Sheena Reyes
I get it. Sometimes you just don't want to get out of bed. Bed is basically a comfy cloud heaven, and sleeping in is the best. Yes, adulting is a struggle. But if you're going to be an adult with a regular schedule, it helps if you're happy. No…

How To Learn To Trust Timing When You're Panicking About Your Future

By Sheena Reyes
Surrendering in times of unease: It sounds peaceful, but hey, it's not that easy. Life can't have the ups without the downs. Just like yin and yang, the dark doesn't exist without the light. So, from me to you: I'm sorry. But life is just a roller…

5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Trying To Figure Out Your Future

By Sheena Reyes
Figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life is a dreaded task only you can find the answer to. Now, this task is kind of like journaling, in that you should probably grab a pen and paper to lay your thoughts out neatly. Your judgement…

5 Rules You Need To Follow When You're On The Rebound With A New Guy

By Sheena Reyes
I'll be the first one to say it: Having a rebound is an excellent idea. The rebound(s) in my life certainly helped me after a painful breakup because I felt the extra love, attention and amazingness I deserved from a man. However, you should…