Sharon Chen


Sharon Chen is a published cookbook author and the creator behind, where she helps busy professionals plan easy and delicious homemade meals in less time they ever thought possible. Other than being super active in the kitchen, Sharon loves traveling, hiking, rock climbing. And if you put her in the water, she'd try her best to swim like a fish.

How To Crush Dinner Every Night When You're Super Busy And Hate Cooking

By Sharon Chen
Making meals with a slow cooker is one of the easiest ways to provide daily nourishment when you're always on the go. Simple as it is, there are several tips that will make the process even better, producing the best results possible. Here are some…

5 Foods You Should Keep Handy So You Can Always Make Something Healthy

By Sharon Chen
Whether you've made a New Year's resolution to eat more healthy meals at home, or you're simply ready to dedicate yourself to a healthier lifestyle, it's a worthy goal to focus on healthier eating. But the problem is that goals aren't always very…

11 Foods To Eat For A Better Poop (Because We Know You're Interested)

By Sharon Chen
Let's face it: Pooping is a part of living. We all do it, even if we don't always talk about it. But maybe we should talk about it more because a lot of people are struggling to poop properly. That may seem funny, but trouble in that area can lead…

4 Ways Chili Oil Can Seriously Upgrade All Your Summer Recipes

By Sharon Chen
Ever heard of chili oil? Maybe you love relying on a little of the spicy excitement to make your recipes sing or as a companion to the meals you serve. This condiment and cooking ingredient sounds like some essential oil made from the juice of…

7 Tips To Make Cooking For 1 A Lot Less Depressing

By Sharon Chen
Does any of this sound familiar? After a long day at work, you stand on your feet in the kitchen for 40 minutes or more making some unsavory food that takes just five minutes to choke down. Now you're left with a sink full of dirty dishes, and you…

8 Reasons Hummus Is The One Thing You Should Add To Your Wellness Routine

By Sharon Chen
There are some foods that your body just naturally responds to, and you can tell you're eating something really good for you. Hummus is one of those foods. You'll just feel better after enjoying hummus. This makes perfect sense, as hummus is loaded…

9 Cooking Oils You Should Incorporate Into Your Wellness Routine

By Sharon Chen
When you cook at home, every ingredient counts. Everything you add to your dish should contribute something valuable, such as health benefits or flavor. Oil is one of those ingredients that doesn't just have to be there to add moisture or…

7 Reasons Homemade Broth Is The Best Wellness Trick You've Never Tried

By Sharon Chen
If broth isn't already on your kitchen radar, it should be. It isn't only for your grandmother's kitchen, and you can give those old broth recipes a serious makeover. Here are seven reasons you should have homemade broth in your kitchen at all…