Shannon Vize


Shannon is a contributing writer based in Brooklyn, New York. She enjoys spending her time reading, writing, and experimenting with hair dye, hula-hoops, and all things fashion.

Color Me Crazy: 14 Things Only Hair Dye Addicts Will Understand

By Shannon Vize
If you’re like me, and you cringe at the thought of being forced to change your current lavender, blue, green or pink hair to a more socially “acceptable” shade, then you have most likely joined the ranks of hair dye addicts. Maintaining an unusual…

12 Signs You’re Almost an Adult

By Shannon Vize
To be an adult or not to be an adult, that is the struggle. For anyone currently in his or her 20s, it can be hard to decipher when you've met enough of society's requirements to be considered a real “adult.” Consider this a guide to discovering if…

11 Signs You Come From A Big Family

By Shannon Vize
To most people, “The Brady Bunch” is just a funny sitcom with a memorable theme song and hilarious 70s style. But, to those of us who come from big families, it serves as a documentary of sorts about living with an above-average number of…

420 Holiday Prep: 9 Surprising Facts About Mary Jane

By Shannon Vize
It’s that time of year again (and no, I’m definitely not talking about springtime). Today marks the one day of the year when stoners of all ages come out (where they can), light up and celebrate their favorite plant: Cannabis. As you all celebrate…

9 Things You Definitely Experienced If You Were A Boarding-School Kid

By Shannon Vize
Ah, boarding school — it was the best of times and the worst of times, but mostly the latter. High school isn't an enjoyable phase in anyone’s life, and if it was enjoyable for you, I’m happy we weren't friends. Still, being shipped off to boarding…

How Karlie, Cara and Chloe Continue to Redefine the Term Supermodel

By Shannon Vize
Every few years, the fashion world finds a new model on whom to dote. This lucky model is plucked from obscurity and captures not just the attention of the fashion world, but the population at large. This article is dedicated to today’s “it” girls:…

5 Things Jon Stewart Taught Me

By Shannon Vize
A few weeks have passed since Jon Stewart announced his upcoming retirement as host of the popular comedic news broadcast, “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Word of Stewart’s leave came just a couple months after the final episode of Stephen…

13 Signs You've Somehow Reached The Awkward Mid-20s Phase

By Shannon Vize
An adult is defined as being fully developed and mature. In other words, grown-up. By most standards, once you graduate from college and enter the workforce, you’re considered one, but Millennials in their mid-20s know this is anything but…

#RealTalk: 5 Ways To Be Happier On Social Media

By Shannon Vize
Social media has invaded our lives and the big wigs, like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, seem to be here to stay. As we scroll and like and comment and stalk, it appears our levels of happiness are ultimately decreasing. Some friends of mine have…