Seanne Murray


Seanne, known by the acronym SNM, her initials, is an activist and social entrepreneur. She is a passionate and pioneering executive committed to discovering and introducing innovative solutions for change and progress. Seanne considers it her divine duty and unequivocal obligation to do everything she can to help others reach their highest potential and make this world a better place for all. Seanne is the Founder of STOP STUFF, a social enterprise and the first clothing line developed to attack gun violence by supporting non-profits successfully fighting the fight on our behalf.

How This Generation Can Fight For Women's Right To #FreeTheNipple

By Seanne Murray
I’ve tried my best to stay clear of Nipplegate (#FreeTheNipple), but I recently saw a photo that tipped me over the edge. The woman in the photo had beautiful, round breasts. I’m going to say they were a modest, unprocessed C-cup. Her nipples had…