Sean Melia


Sean is a contributing writer based in Boston. He graduated from Holy Cross, majoring in English. He teaches, coaches, golfs, cooks, and writes. Not at the same time, yet. Check out his personal blog and podcasts at

The Complete NCAA Sweet Sixteen Guide For Haters And Bandwagon Fans

By Sean Melia
The Sweet 16 is upon us. The Madness of last week has led us to some pretty great matchups on Thursday and Friday. At a glance, one striking thing about this group of 16 is their pedigree. Duke, Louisville, Michigan State, UCLA, Kentucky and North…

Do The Houston Rockets Even Need Dwight Howard Anymore?

By Sean Melia
It's been the rallying cry of teams that employ Dwight Howard over the past five years: He's coming back. At what point do teams stop with the optimism? At what point do we have to wait for Howard to affect the game before being excited for his…

Unless Rondo Returns To His Old Self, Dallas' Big Trade Was A Waste

By Sean Melia
Rajon Rondo has been in Dallas for three months now. He’s played in 37 games and has been a part of 22 wins and 15 losses. He’s played an average of 28 minutes, scored 9.4 points per game and dished out 6.6 assists. He has also had his face smashed…

Why Restructuring The NBA Playoffs Would Ruin The Regular Season

By Sean Melia
When my friends complain about the NBA, it is typically, at its core, about how the game is boring for three and a half quarters and then exciting for half a quarter. I get it; that can definitely be the case. I was at the Boston Celtics vs. Utah…

Will It Ever Be Possible To Eliminate Racism In Soccer?

By Sean Melia
The soccer world has been dotting headlines in the last few weeks with racist fans using public transportation, former managers bemoaning the number of black players in the Italian youth system and violence during Africa's Cup of Nations…

6 Ways The NBA Can Make The All-Star Game Exciting For Fans Again

By Sean Melia
NBA All-Star weekend is a staple of February. It fills the sports void the NFL leaves behind. After all the confetti has been cleaned up and we get our Sundays back, the NBA begins to take over. Over the past few years, the NBA has tried to mix up…