Sarah MacKenzie

Sarah is a free-thinking young individual concerned about the world around her and her place within it. Initially quiet and reserved on the outside, she has a little spark and sass hidden away that really starts to come through once you get to know her. The “black sheep” of her family, she’s previously dabbled in both Law and Architecture, prior to landing on writing in some capacity as being her calling. Her work to date can also be read on her personal blog, “A Glass Half Full of Pinot” (

F*ck Thinspiration: Why Fashion's 'Ideal' Body Type Needs To Change

BySarah MacKenzie
Some women are born naturally thin, with rocket-fueled metabolisms and hardly an ounce of fat on their 110-pound frames. For women whose genetic disposition means they can remain at a low body weight through sustainable methods (not out of…

Why Social Advocacy Hashtags Aren't Enough To Evoke Necessary Change

BySarah MacKenzie
The modern-day media landscape provides a plethora of opportunity to educate, inform and engage. It is a powerful vehicle in which we can instigate a shift toward empowering a readership or following. It can catapult us forward out of the dark abyss…

Why The Conversation On Female Genital Mutilation Needs Our Attention

BySarah MacKenzie
If you type into Google, “Kim Kardashian second baby,” 7,220,000 results are immediately produced. Yet, if you type in “Nigeria bans female genital mutilation” (both events having taken place around the same time), there are only 234,000…

Think Broader: The Narrow Eating Disorder Conversation Isn't Helpful

BySarah MacKenzie
Most people hear the term "eating disorder" and almost immediately, an image of an emaciated, attention-seeking, middle-class teenage girl comes to mind. She is as vapid as she is selfish in her obsession to emulate the size-zero models she…

Chivalry Isn't Dead: Why Feminists Still Want A Gentleman

BySarah MacKenzie
Feminism has finally afforded females the long-awaited rights historically reserved exclusively for men. We can work and pursue fulfilling livelihoods beyond the kitchen sink. We can earn money and secure ourselves necessities of life. We can travel…