Sarah Kaye Santos


I am studying magazine journalism at Syracuse University, with a strong interest in health and nutrition. I love finding hidden gems wherever I go, can never get enough of the city at night, and enjoy running new routes and trying new recipes.

9 Ways Your Life Gets Better When You Make Success Your Top Priority

By Sarah Kaye Santos
When we first reach the age of adulthood, for some reason, we firmly believe it is the prime time to stay up all night, party until the sun rises and take part in careless activities we know we're not supposed to. After the first few years of…

Sugar Coma Hangover: 8 Worst Things About Celebrating Halloween

By Sarah Kaye Santos
Creative costumes, black and orange everything and all the candy you could ever need are the three main things that define Halloween. With pumpkins all around and a fun and exciting atmosphere, October 31 can be categorized as one of the most…

Home Is Where The Heart Is: Why To Never Forget Where You Came From

By Sarah Kaye Santos
When we think of the word "home," it evokes certain feelings, revives specific memories and sparks a familiar essence that we are able to recall just by thinking of the combination of four simple letters. The moments that allow us to distinguish a…

Power Of The Pen: Why We Should Write More Handwritten Notes

By Sarah Kaye Santos
Handwritten letters have gone out of style as technology has improved, and it's time we bring back the old, vanishing habit. As technology progresses, the way in which we communicate with one another advances greatly. We can get in touch with almost…

Resolution Regardless, Keep These 7 Things In Mind For 2015

By Sarah Kaye Santos
With the New Year comes another set of resolutions, new goals and high intentions for making the upcoming 365 days the best yet. As important as resolutions are, having the right mindset and outlook on things is just as necessary for having a great…

11 Things You Never Thanked Your Best Friend For, But Meant To

By Sarah Kaye Santos
Your best friend is, by far, one of the most important people in your life to whom you often forget to say thank you. Through the good, the bad and the ugly, somehow she just gets you. And, somehow, your appreciation for her gets lost amongst the…