Sandra Rose


Native Washingtonian, trying to make it as a successful writer. When I’m not permanently attached to my laptop, concocting my next post, I can be found exploring my vivid neighborhood, discovering a new cocktail bar with friends or redecorating my apartment for the umpteenth time. I’m an avid believer in dancing like no one is watching, and, laughing at myself whenever the opportunity arrises. Which, in my case, is on a daily basis.

How To Overcome The Obstacles Of Dating Someone Significantly Older Than You

By Sandra Rose
They say age is just a number, but whoever said that clearly never dated anyone outside of their age pool. Whenever it came to dating, I always tried distancing myself from the overall practice. I guess you could say I had other, more important…

Here's Why I Think Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day Ads Are Offensive To Women

By Sandra Rose
For as long as I can remember, I've been a fan of the infamous lingerie brand that is Victoria's Secret. In fact, the famous emporium and I have somewhat of a shared history together. It was the label that not only gave me my very first bra, but…

Why You Have To Accept Your Partner’s Flaws If You Want A Happy Relationship

By Sandra Rose
One evening, while riding the metro home from work, I overheard two girls nonchalantly discussing relationships. Now, before you accuse me of spying, allow me to inform you I do not usually make a habit of listening in on other people's…

Video Of Interracial Couple Being Harassed Shows What It's Like To Date Outside Your Race

By Sandra Rose
My morning routine is usually uneventful. I generally wake up in a good mood, contemplate actually getting out of bed, take a five to 10 minute shower, contemplate getting out of the shower, get dressed and then make my way to work. There's usually…

Why I'll Be Proudly Wearing A "Pussyhat" When I March On Washington This Saturday

By Sandra Rose
Feminism. Your reaction to that word - and your interpretation of it, whatever it is - is probably very, very different to someone you walked past in the street yesterday. To some, the word easily translates as "the overall hatred of men." To…

Why Glamour's New Issue Featuring Lena Dunham Is A Leap Forward For Women

By Sandra Rose
When you think of women's magazines, naturally you envision a publication that caters to females 100 percent, right? After all, it would be downright hypocritical if a woman's magazine was geared toward anyone but women. Well, what if I informed you…

Lady Gaga Opens Up About Her PTSD And Shows Us It's OK To Be Vulnerable

By Sandra Rose
Aside from liking her music, and even singing along to it given enough alcohol, I've never been a huge fan of Lady Gaga. But after tuning in to the "Today" show to watch Lady Gaga on Monday morning, I discovered something about her which surprised…

Comparing My Boyfriend To Guys In The Movies Almost Ruined My Relationship

By Sandra Rose
When it comes to relationships, my outlook on the subject has always remained tainted. I guess I can thank my parents divorce for that brutal reality. Perhaps it was witnessing the impolite way my father treated my mother, or the influence of the…