Samantha Metzger


Samantha is usually dancing, eating tacos or stopping someone on the street to pet their dog. She pretends to know a lot about the law and likes to think of herself as a writer but who really knows.

20 Life Hacks To Get You Through Your 20s

By Samantha Metzger
We live through experiences that help shape our lives, but occasionally, seeing other people’s experiences helps us most. Being a 20-something can be hard; we all need a little bit of help sometimes in the crazy world. Check out this list of 20…

9 Important Truths You Should Always Keep In Mind

By Samantha Metzger
As usual, I was browsing Tumblr today, passing the time of mundane work days. I stumbled upon this list and realized it needed to be shared because, quite frankly, these are things that each of us should be doing. 1. Always say 'yes' to seeing your…

Why The Texting Generation Is Actually The Lonely Generation

By Samantha Metzger
Why in the hell do people not know how to text? This is going to sound like a rant, and it probably is, but I've seen this done so many times for me not to make an argument about it. Maybe a few of you will learn a thing or two. Hello, this is 2013,…

The 16 Chill Songs To Get You Through Any Day

By Samantha Metzger
I love EDM more than the next person (although I actually hate the term ‘EDM’ probably because I was listening to electronic music before this whole wave of EDM happened over the last two years or so). I will go to great lengths to dance to some…

It's Way Too Early To Panic: How To Get Past The Quarter-Life Crisis

By Samantha Metzger
Recently, one of the attorneys I work with came up to my cubicle to ask me if I was thinking about law school. The majority of them know I'm graduating in a few months and have been hounding me with this question. "I mean I would obviously want to…

Ladies, Wondering How You Keep Getting Played By The Same Guy?

By Samantha Metzger
It’s honestly a simple concept that we women have misconstrued and overanalyzed - spending countless nights wondering, ‘how did I let this happen?’ Well, here is the answer. Are you ready? You let him do it. Believe me, for a while I thought there…