Sam Saghir

Sam (@bowmansam12) graduated from KCUMB with a masters in biomedical sciences and is an avid outdoorsman, archer, motorcyclist, health junkie, gym rat, book addict, and men's fashion savant.

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Why Meditation Has The Power To Make You Reevaluate Your Entire Life

Beginning in my later years of college, I found myself yearning to learn meditation. As many people will attest, meditation is an art that can be quite grueling to learn. From its simplicity arises its complexity. Sitting in silence and focusing your…
By Sam Saghir

If These 5 Things Keep Happening To You, You're Probably Settling

Benjamin Franklin once said, Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they are 75. Sadly, this is true for more than just some people in today’s world. In many ways, people cease to live by settling for mediocrity in their lives. The relationshi…
By Sam Saghir

5 Things I Learned About Authenticity In The Pickup Artist Community

My teenage years were anything but normal. I faced traumatic verbal abuse throughout high school, and I watched as my family crumbled within the span of a decade. As you can imagine, this did a number on my confidence. In short, I had none. Unfortuna…
By Sam Saghir