Sabrina Evans


Sabrina is a roaring Nittany Lion currently double-majoring in English and Print Journalism at Penn State University and minoring in watching re-runs of Mad Men and Sex and the City. Originally from upstate New York (aka, down-state New York - no, she doesn't understand it either), Sabrina enjoys skiing, tennis and hiking at a (very) amateur level, and playing with her family's, neighbor's and any willing stranger's cats. A writer for her school's campus magazine, she hopes to successfully graduate from Dear Old State and go on to write for a major fashion or lifestyle publication.

How One Generation Can Redefine Feminism For A Modern Society

By Sabrina Evans
If there's anything our generation will be remembered for, it's our continued efforts to empower women in modern society. However, while generations before us have worked toward women's suffrage and equal pay, the Millennial definition of feminism…

How The Wedding Industry And Media Are Joining Forces To Create A Generation of Bridezillas

By Sabrina Evans
It all started innocently enough. You were flipping through the channels on a rainy Sunday when you settled on a marathon of "Four Weddings." A few days later, while eating lunch at your desk, you pin a few DIY wedding ideas to your "Future Mr. and…

How Your Childhood Struggles Are Actually Very Similar To Your Current Life

By Sabrina Evans
It's easy to look back on our childhood struggles and shake our heads at just how uninformed and unaware we were about what real life would, some day, hold in store for us. In comparison to the financial crises and job demands we face now, having to…

7 Things Every Girl Secretly Hates About Her Bittersweet Single Life

By Sabrina Evans
Being single is the definition of bittersweet. While girls who are in relationships may be nostalgic about the days when they were blissfully unattached, girls who are blissfully unattached tend to just want relationships. At its best, the single…

How Awkward Has Become The New Standard For This Generation

By Sabrina Evans
That awkward moment when... Uncomfortable family photos go viral, mustaches and glasses the size of your face are trendy and ironic, and being an introvert gives you more to talk about than being an extrovert. Since when did being awkward become a…

Why You Shouldn't Feel Crazy For Not Drinking In College

By Sabrina Evans
These days, red Solo cups and higher education go together like cheeseburgers and fries, stars and stripes, Beyoncé and Jay Z and cats and old ladies. In college, there seems to be a positive correlation between the quantity of alcoholic beverages…

Flaunt It Because You Earned It: Why You're Allowed To Show Off Your Success

By Sabrina Evans
What's the first thing you do after you find out you got that big promotion you literally spent years working toward? Turn off your phone, rent out a motel room as your new permanent residence, change your name to Ms. Petunia Plum (yes, this may…