Ryann Graham


I'm a recent graduate of Missouri State University, lost in that awkward moment between birth and death known as Life. I have my B.S. in PR, and I’m currently studying for my M.A. in Communication. I love music, movies, food and Yonce.

Why You Have To Be Willing To Get Embarrassed To Get What You Want

By Ryann Graham
The other day, my friend and I went to a local improv show. For those of you who don't know me, I've always wanted to be an actor. I love entertaining my friends, taking on different characters and reading scripts. I've dabbled in improv and comedy…

Find Your Roots: What Nature Teaches You About The Company You Keep

By Ryann Graham
Does anyone else find it increasingly difficult to keep up with people? Or to even want to, for that matter? I mean, if you would have asked me about my friends five years ago, I could have given you an ungodly amount of information about all 50 of…

Mama's Boy: 6 Ways I'm A Better Person Because A Single Mom Raised Me

By Ryann Graham
I would sit by the phone and anticipate my dad to call for hours. One hour would pass, then one hour would become two and two hours would become four. Before I knew it, I would fall asleep by the phone only to wake up in my room the next day with a…

Why I Don't Accept Your Sympathy For Being A Marginalized Minority

By Ryann Graham
According to society, I should have a pretty hard life. First things first, I’m black. Statistically speaking, I’m more likely to be dead or in jail in the next five years than I am to have a successful career and be happy. Secondly, I’m…

Surprisingly, Fear Is The Best Way To Get Over Heartbreak

By Ryann Graham
There you are, sitting alone; waiting like a little kid whose parent forgot to pick him or her up from soccer practice. You are sitting there, waiting and thinking, "Maybe he’ll text me that 'final goodbye' text"; "Maybe she still cares about me";…

Why Someone's Choice To Come Out Doesn't Require A Formal Announcement

By Ryann Graham
I remember the moment like it was yesterday. There I was, just an 11-year-old boy, reading Sports Illustrated, when a gust of wind opened my window. A beautiful fairy floated in and asked, “Would you like to be gay for the rest of your life?” And I…