Ryan James Lock


Ryan James Lock is a publicist, business coach and writer based in London.

8 Ways To Be A Badass And Get The Life You Want

By Ryan James Lock
How to change your life is a big interest of mine, mainly because I did it myself. Three years ago my life was very different — I was living in London and was not very happy. Fast forward to now — I spend half the year in Ibiza and look after…

7 Reasons You Don't Have What You Want And How You Can Change That

By Ryan James Lock
Let’s get real for a moment — the reason you don’t have what you want has nothing to do with the stars not being in line, past agreements or even karma. Those things all have their place in spiritual study but they are by no means excuses for…

Be Happier: These Ten Ways Are Sure To Make You Feel Better About Yourself

By Ryan James Lock
Being happy doesn’t have to just be a concept that seems far off in the distance. It can be a real, and beneficial element of your daily life. We’re programmed to believe that being happy depends on getting more than we have now. “Once I have this I…

The 7 Ways To Promote Your Personal Brand To Perfection

By Ryan James Lock
Whether you are self-employed or work for someone else, one of the most important aspects of business is personal branding. If you want to be successful, it is essential to understand how to effectively and accurately promote yourself and your…

How To Stay On Track With Your Goals And Get What You Want

By Ryan James Lock
We’re over halfway through 2013, already. Can you believe it? Everyone gets so excited about the New Year and considering his or her goals and ambitions for the next 12 months, whether they’re things they want to make happen, give up or improve…