Ryan Freeman


Ryan is a creative fiction and nonfiction writer. He is currently pursuing a masters degree from Wesleyan University, and has finally given in and is starting a blog containing his random thoughts and ramblings at: RyanJoelFreeman.com When Ryan is not writing he is usually running ridiculously long distances in the mountains. Ryan can be followed on Twitter: @RyanJoelFreeman or Instagram: @Trenches2Trails

Everything That Runs Through Your Mind When You Consider Going Back To An Ex

By Ryan Freeman
I know you miss your ex. I miss mine, too. I know, your ex is not like the others. This relationship was different. I know you were sure it would last, but it didn't. And now you're questioning why. Why did I act that way? Why did my ex say that?…

How Loneliness Helped Me To See The Absolute Beauty Of Life

By Ryan Freeman
It seems like I have been lonely my whole life. To tell you the truth, I have never felt like I've fit in anywhere. In high school and college, I was a football player (a pretty good one), but I never felt comfortable in that role and that world. So…

How Running Helps Former Athletes Stay On Track

By Ryan Freeman
The last advice the football team’s orthopedic surgeon gave me during my college athlete exit examination was, “Get healthy, and don’t get fat.” At that point, I was overweight and had accumulated seven separate orthopedic surgeries and many…

My Kryptonite: Why Telling The Girl I Love To F*ck Herself Was The Best Thing I Did

By Ryan Freeman
“I haven’t dated anyone before and I need that experience,” was the first reason for why she broke up with me. “I’m going back to school and I don’t want to drag you through that,” was the second. “I love you, but I’m not in love with you,” was the…

In The Sports World, Your Psychology Matters As Much As Your Skillset

By Ryan Freeman
No athlete likes to admit he or she needs mental help. I’m not talking about mental illness, but rather, mental assistance in a person's day-to-day life. For years, psychology has been associated with Freudian theory (how your latent sexual urges…

Quick Fixes Don't Work: 5 Reasons Dieting Will Get You Nowhere

By Ryan Freeman
No one enjoys a diet. And, when I say, "diet," I mean those lists of rules that have fancy names like, low-carb, Mediterranean, 10-80-10 or Atkins. I am talking about those over-marketed, socially contagious restrictions of what we can and cannot…