Rohil Aniruth

Rohil Aniruth (@TheRealRohilA) is working hard to eventually write movies and series. Rohil Aniruth currently writes; his own screenplays, articles for his friends online and bios in the third person.

Here's Exactly How You Can Avoid Getting Friend Zoned — For Good

There isn't a more definitive way of knowing whether you failed at being remotely attractive to your crush like ending up in the dreaded friend zone. You'd think, by now, the topic of the friend zone would have been covered to death, yet people still…
By Rohil Aniruth

7 Things I Absolutely Love About My Friends With Benefits Situation

Ah, the magical and much sought-after “friends with benefits” situation, or “FWB” for short. A no-strings-attached sexual relationship, popularized to a fair extent by movies much like most of the relationship dynamics we grow accustomed to. The very…
By Rohil Aniruth

8 Lessons I've Learned From The 8 Incredible Women I've Fallen For

I'm the type of romantically naïve guy who develops crushes on women perhaps far too easily. I really do keep my heart in the hands of a real clumsy motherf*cker. Luckily for me, all the women who have ever had to deal with me have been far wiser tha…
By Rohil Aniruth