Robin van der Vegt


Robin is a professional start over. After having to give up studying political science in Amsterdam and then interior design in Barcelona because of a severe illness, she is now living on the sunny island of Malta starting over yet again, now as a writer. She will never give up, wants to change the world and make everybody care a bit more about everything. She tries to dance every night and has no filter. You can read more of her writing at or follow her on instagram @robin_vegt.

Why Gen-Y's Definition Of Beauty Is Skewed And How I Tried To Change It

By Robin van der Vegt
The idea for this article, or maybe even experiment, started when my boyfriend stated: “We (guys) don’t like it when girls wear makeup; you girls are doing that for yourselves and to yourselves.” I was stunned and replied: “I bet you wouldn’t even…

Cleanse Your Life: Why You Need To Destroy Everything That Destroys You

By Robin van der Vegt
After being seriously sick for years, I finally found out what was wrong with me. When the first diagnoses came, I was relieved. They finally determined what was going on in my body; I figured they could fix it. However, it didn't end with one test;…

The Truth Is, It Doesn't Matter That You Don't Know What You Want To Do In Life

By Robin van der Vegt
Choice: It’s almost a dirty word for Millennials. While growing up, we are told that we can do anything we want. We can be whatever we want to be. First female president, a rocket scientist, a heart surgeon or a Hollywood star. From the age of 4,…

When You Stop Criticizing Others So Much, You'll Stop Judging Yourself

By Robin van der Vegt
People watching: a hobby in which many people indulge. All you need is a latte, a good pair of dark shades and a table with a view, and there you go. Everyone does it and everyone loves it. But it turns us into the worst critics the world has ever…

An Open Letter To All The 'Other Women' Out There: Stop Sleeping With Someone Else's Man

By Robin van der Vegt
We all know how tough certain things in life can be: losing a job, being ill, losing a loved one or having a cheating partner. Whenever things like these happen, you can expect people around you to feel sympathetic — or even empathic — about your…

How Hillary Clinton And The Women Who Stay With Cheating Men Aren't 'Stronger'

By Robin van der Vegt
One of the most difficult decisions I ever made was deciding to leave my boyfriend after seven years. When I learned that he cheated on me, I went through hell. The pain was indescribable. But when he asked me if we could work it out, if we could…

The Secret Of Envisioning: Know What You Want Your Life To Be And Everything Else Will Follow

By Robin van der Vegt
A couple of years ago I fell ill — very, very ill. It was a devastating period in my life and I am still picking up the pieces. At my worst, I needed something to lift my spirits. I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to feel better, which was a…