Robbie Kramer


Robbie Kramer is the founder of Inner Confidence and has over a decade of experience guiding men to success in the pursuit of women, social/relationship skills, lifestyle design and achieving an unshakable sense of inner confidence.

You Don't Have To Feel Guilty If You're Not Attracted To Your Partner 24/7

By Robbie Kramer
Love is one of the greatest experiences of the human condition. But it's also a lot of work, and society makes that work tougher than it needs to be. If you feel guilty when you're not attracted to your partner during every waking moment of your…

Yes, Women Actually Do Pay A Lot Of Attention To The Way You're Dressed

By Robbie Kramer
At the end of the day, being dynamic is your greatest sales pitch ever. The end-all, be-all is becoming a man who's witty, charismatic, driven, spontaneous and grounded. This is the whole package, and women will pretty much do anything to be with a…

6 Reasons Women Keep Shutting You Down Every Time You Ask Them Out

By Robbie Kramer
As a dating coach, I've spent over a decade helping hundreds of men build confidence and find success in their dating lives. Guys who suck with women fall into a few of the same categories over and over. (Sorry, but you're not a special…

3 Ways To Get Instantly Better At Meeting Women In Public

By Robbie Kramer
In the beginning, we all suck at meeting women in public. You will likely not be an exception. Approaching hot women with no introduction can feel really overwhelming and intimidating to a lot of dudes. But when you get good at it, your dating and…

3 Reasons Self-Serving People Form Honest And Beneficial Relationships

By Robbie Kramer
Not too long ago, I had the chance to see Yaron Brook, the executive director at the Ayn Rand Institute, give a talk on selfishness. Before you roll your eyes and click over to the next best thing on the Internet, let me assure you this article is,…

No Hard Feelings: How To Make A Seamless Exit After A One-Night Stand

By Robbie Kramer
Tell me if you can relate: You and your buddies go to your favorite bar. You see a cute woman and say hello. The two of you hit it off, start making out and end up back at your place for a night of fun. The next morning, you wake up with her arm…