Rina Magsombol


Rina enjoys self-deprecating humor, hot yoga, and 70s rock music. She takes comfort in selling herself short so she can surprise herself as much as possible when things decide to go her way or when she can appropriately defeat someone at Foosball.

How My Brother's Battle With Cancer Taught Me How To Live With Intent

By Rina Magsombol
“It’s a stage 4,” my brother replied, voice cracking over the line. My tears liberally rolled down my face. I recall that day vividly. It was raining one afternoon sometime in May of this year, and the weather was incredibly fitting to the…

No New Friends: 8 Reasons Your Social Circle Dwindles By Age 25

By Rina Magsombol
Yeah, I used to wallow in weekend parties — lampshade on my head and everything. You know, seven shots in and you’re still amped for the night and your social skills are effortless. Then one day, I sat in my room after a productive day at work,…

Generation-Y Vs. Corporate America: 6 Tips To Get You Through Your Awful 9-T0-5

By Rina Magsombol
You’re in your mid-20s and reluctantly allowing corporate America to suck the energy and life out of you. You're drowning in student loans and working for a company that has nothing to do with your major. For eight hours a day, more or less, so many…

6 Lessons This Generation Learned As Young Children In The Wake Of The 9/11 Tragedy

By Rina Magsombol
Who knew that while most of us around the world were carrying on with our lives, more than 2,000 people would be tragically losing theirs? It could have been any day, anyone. It could have happened anywhere, but it happened on Tuesday, September 11,…

The Real Reason Why Nice Guys Finish Last And They Always Will

By Rina Magsombol
He hasn’t called you in a week, and the longest 15 minutes of your life was spent waiting on a text back from him. He bailed on you twice, two Fridays ago, and you’re thinking, perhaps, third times a charm? He goes by the name of Derek. He’s built…

Physical Vs. Emotional Infidelity: How We Determine Which Is Forgiven And Which Is Forgotten

By Rina Magsombol
Do you find yourself daydreaming about the new associate at work, who sits two cubicles away from you? While out with your boyfriend, do you think about his chiseled jawline and his skinny tie? If so, you are playing with fire. Generally, physical…