Ricardo Martinez

Ricardo is an internet marketer by day, gym enthusiast/rom- com lover and wannabe chef by night. Growing up a quadruplet made him realize he had to move away to find his own identity. Even though life's answers are still a discovery process, he is either drinking mojitos, inventing recipes, killing the dance floor and rolling his rrrrrr's as often as possible. @R_J_M_D

Recent Articles

The Truth Is That You Must First Love Yourself Before You Can Love Another

He or she is the most wonderful person you have met. Everything seems perfect, nearly too good to be true. You are truly happy; your glow is visible from miles away. All of your friends love this new person in your life, aside from one or two skeptic…
By Ricardo Martinez

14 Steps Men Should Take To Become The Best Valentine's Day Date Ever, From A Man's Perspective

Valentine’s Day, my second favorite holiday, is right around the corner. A lot of men may hate it, but it's the only day when we’re allowed to be truly cheesy without having jealous onlookers roll their eyes. But years down the line, when conversatio…
By Ricardo Martinez

Gentlemen, Why The Number Of Men She's Slept With Doesn't Matter

“What's your number?” is a question that many of us both dread and answer dishonestly. While it's an unproved theory, some say that women divide their number of sexual partners by three while men multiply by two, which suddenly turns the question int…
By Ricardo Martinez

A Gentleman's Take On Why Women Should Never Settle For Less Than They Deserve

Growing up, I was drawn to poems, romantic songs, romantic comedies and other romantic-isms that led me to my current hopeless-romantic personality. There is nothing I enjoy more than having a special lady in my life who has me grinning all day. Don’…
By Ricardo Martinez