Reanne Derkson


Modern nomad. Freelance writer. Weekday vegan. Currently writing "Littlefoolbook"—a collection of stories, essays, lists, letters, and learnings, exploring themes of beauty, vanity and self-worth with humor and honesty.

8 Signs You're Completely Addicted To Your Fitbit

By Reanne Derkson
It starts out innocently enough. You pop into London Drugs to pick up a fresh pack of hair elastics (Where do they all go?) and pass by an entire wall showcasing shiny, new gadgets: Fitbit, front and center. Since you've been meaning to get back in…

15 Ways To Love Your Body, From Someone Currently Learning To Accept Hers

By Reanne Derkson
In case you haven't noticed, we're in the midst of a self-love awakening. Or, at least I am. I'm not sure if it's something that happens once you're over the hump of your mid-20s — like a rite of passage sort of thing — or if it's much less profound…

20 Reasons You Should Fall For Yourself This Valentine's Day

By Reanne Derkson
I'm a sucker for Valentine's Day. I love the hearts, the chocolate (obviously) and the anticipation of what just might be the perfect date with the perfect guy. I even have special Valentine's Day outfits in my closet: a magenta and white…

How Gen-Y Can Change The World With Their Pocket Change

By Reanne Derkson
I am 24 years old, a “starving student,” if you will, surviving on freelance work and an ever-growing student loan. I drink cheap wine when I can afford to party (I can almost always justify a budget for wine) and my sometimes skewed priorities lead…

The Thrill Of Cougar-ism: Why It's A Woman's Right

By Reanne Derkson
The cougar is a predatory animal of a territorial class found in every major American habitat.  Although fatal attacks on humans are rare, they’ve been trending upwards in occurrence.  Hunting methods typically follow the “stalk and ambush”…

Why You're Not Going To "Find Yourself" In A Foreign Country

By Reanne Derkson
I’ve never believed in the idea of going away to “find oneself,” or the notion that in a different country, you will become a different person. We are who we are, no matter where we are — and while you may “find yourself” 20 pounds heavier after a…